Do Coffee Cup Sleeves Actually Work?

With coffee cup sleeves not properly fitting, falling off, and the worst, burning your hand’s the question should be asked if coffee cup sleeves actually work? The first coffee cup sleeve was invented by Jay Sorensen after he too experiences himself burning his hands... read more

2018 US Brewers Cup Champion Becca Woodard On Coffee

As a first-time Competitor, Becca Woodard had some amazing advice about competitions, focus and what it takes to win.  She states, Learn as much as you possibly can by talking to and observing others. Get as much feedback as you can, and use it to improve yourself and... read more

What is the Modbar Av System?

Increase customer service and decrease costs with a system where the barista can focus on the person in front of them and let the machine do the rest. At the SCA Expo in Seattle, under-counter espresso machine manufacturer Modbar has revealed to the world the Modbar... read more

What is a Cold Cup?

When I started working at Starbucks I immediately heard the word “Cold Cup” being used. At first, I thought it was just a random cup name Starbucks had for its cold drinks just like they have special names for all their drinks, flavors, and products. However, it... read more

Two Women Are Creating A Coffee Empire!

Currently in their eighth year of business as the founding owners of 44 North Coffee, Megan Wood and Melissa Raftery have been slowly building a small coffee empire on the coast of Maine. “Through this unique partnership between women from the mountains of Guatemala,... read more

What is a Hot Cup?

A Hot Cup is a paper drinking cup for containing heated drinks such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and other heated drinks.  The hot cups are made out of paper material and usually come with a cup sleeve to protect the user from the cups steaming heat. Hot cups can be... read more

What’s the difference between a Hot Cup vs Cold Cup?

Usage: A Hot Cup is used for hot drinks such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. A Cold Cup is used for cold and frozen drinks such as soda, lemonade, boba, slushy, and ice cream. Material: Hot Cups are usually made from paper material. Cold Cups are usually made from... read more

3 Questions to ask before buying Coffee Sleeves

Here are the three important questions you need to ask before buying Coffee Sleeves for your coffee shop, restaurant, bakery, office, or other business. 1. Do you need Custom Coffee Sleeves with your logo or brand? If you do, then we’re happy to get you set up. ... read more