With coffee cup sleeves not properly fitting, falling off, and the worst, burning your hand’s the question should be asked if coffee cup sleeves actually work? The first coffee cup sleeve was invented by Jay Sorensen after he too experiences himself burning his hands holding his coffee.

After his product invention, a few others have made their own coffee cup sleeves versions. Kraft, Java Jacket, and Genuine Joe are some of the few who have done so. Some of these coffee cup sleeves work and the other just don’t.

The biggest complaint about coffee sleeve customers have is that it falls off the cup and doesn’t protect their hands from the steaming coffee heat. The biggest complaint that coffee shops have about coffee sleeves is that they don’t fit their cups.

The coffee sleeve needs to be re-examined and sent to the drawing board to improve its functionality. Sleeve Right has done that and re-created the coffee cup sleeve. They have created a coffee sleeve that is reusable, recyclable, Eco friendly, doesn’t fall off, and most importantly protects the hands from the coffee cups heat.