“Historically speaking, the Costa Rican coffee sector can be characterized by consistency. Ideal growing conditions, a stable political climate, a mature regulatory framework supporting arabica cultivation, and key support from major buyers such as Starbucks, Nespresso and Illy have all helped Costa Rica maintain a strong position on the global coffee map.”

Costa Rica’s specialty coffee sector continues to grow.  According to Daily Coffee News, this emergence “will be aided by a relatively advanced infrastructure, a well-established reputation for quality in the global marketplace, and the kind of sweat equity and ingenuity displayed by the dozens of smallholder farmers represented at Origin Approach.

“These are really intelligent participants in the world of specialty coffee production — leaders in many ways in terms of agricultural practices and sustainability,” said Cogito’s Belkovic. “It seems like this is a country that really understands what it is and what it can be.”

Read the full article at https://dailycoffeenews.com/2018/03/06/origin-approach-exploring-costa-ricas-fertile-specialty-coffee-landscape/