A paper coffee cup with a cardboard sleeve, a plastic cold cup with a cardboard sleeve; do they work? Not so well.

That’s why we invented Sleeve Right for cold and hot beverages. They actually work. Cardboard is a good start but it does not work well and as you know cardboard sleeves fall off the cup, get stuck in a holder, do not protect your hands and are not made to absorb anything without falling apart.

Sleeve Right is the solution, a cup sleeve that really provides insulation from the hot or the cold to your hand. Sleeve Right grips the cup and holds the sleeve right to the cup. The rugged exterior of the sleeve grips your hand to prevent slipping and insulates your hand from the beverage.

Even better Sleeve Right absorbs moisture from condensate stopping the drip from the cup and using wasteful napkins to absorb the excess condensate.

One of the best features is that Sleeve Right does not use any forest products in its manufacture. Cardboard sleeves use trees for their material. Sleeve Right is reusable and may be used over and over again. Once your done with Sleeve Right its fully recyclable.

Ask your favorite cold or hot beverage store for Sleeve Right, its saves trees, its fully recyclable and is a product that actually works.

“Sleeve Right is the Right Choice.”

University of California at Berkeley reviews the Sleeve Right Patent