Holiday Line Sleeves – Original


For standard 16 oz cup, 20 oz cup, or 24 oz cup

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Holiday Line Beverage Cup Sleeves


Valentines Day (100 Sleeves)
St. Patrick’s Day (100 Sleeves)
Easter (100 Sleeves)
4th of July (100 Sleeves)
Halloween (100 Sleeves)
Thanksgiving (100 Sleeves)
Christmas (100 Sleeves)
New Years Day (100 Sleeves)
Hot Everyday Design (100 Sleeves)
*Signature Sleeve Right (100 Sleeves)

*Colors may vary


1,000 Total Sleeves

Sleeve Sizes:

Will fit standard 16 oz cup, 20 oz cup, or 24 oz cup


  • Reusable & Recyclable
  • Protects hands from cups heat and cold
  • Presents cold drinks perfectly, no wet hands
  • No Trees were harmed, environmentally friendly
  • Absorbs condensation from cold cups

Introducing Sleeve Right!

Sleeve Right is a new technology for the beverage industry. This product provides many benefits that have eluded other similar products.

Sleeve Right protects the hand from the cold, absorbs the condensate moisture, and provides a warm and comfortable feel to the hand.

The Sleeve Right sleeve actually grips the cup and will not fall off. The exterior of Sleeve Right provides a positive grip to the hand while providing thermal protection.

Cardboard Sleeves

Cardboard Cup Sleeves are an old technology. It is essentially a stiff piece of cardboard cut to the shape of a cup. The cardboard sleeve is usually ill fitting and slides off the exterior of the cup.

The feel of the cardboard sleeve is hard, stiff and has no grip. The cardboard sleeve exterior sticks to or falls off in most cup holders.

Make the Switch!

Sleeve Right sleeves are also reusable and recyclable!

The sleeves protect the hand from intense heat on hot cups and absorbs condensation from cold cups, keeping a firm grip on the cup in the process.

Sleeve Right is the first and only cup sleeve that does not use any paper in its manufacture and its incredible ease of use creates an experience that will make you switch to Sleeve Right!


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